My SQLite query is running really slow when getting a large data set - Angular

Hi all I have the following query which run on a Ionic Angular application using capacitor:

SELECT fl.*, ai.*, fl.uuid as fluuid, ' +
      'waDep.depNam AS depname, ' + 'waDep.depCo as depcountry, ' +
      'waArr.arrNam AS arrname, ' + 'waArr.arrCo as arrcountry ' +
      '  FROM fl ' +
      '  LEFT JOIN ai ON ai.uuid = fl.aiuuuid ' +
      '  LEFT JOIN wA waDep ON waDep.uuid = fl.depUUID ' +
      '  LEFT JOIN wA waArr ON waArr.uuid = fl.arrUUID ' +
      ' WHERE fl.userUUID= ?  ORDER BY Date ASC, departureTime ASC '

For general use when the query returns around 200-500 its fast and not notciable however some of my users have lots of data which returns around 10000 rows and the query takes rougly 5 seconds to run which is unacceptable.

I also created the following indexs on the fl table (not sure if I did them right however)

create index IF NOT EXISTS ix1
    on fl (userUUID, aiUUID, uuid);
create index IF NOT EXISTS ixdWA
    on fl(depUUID , arrUUID );

Wondering if anyone can share some wisdom to make this faster?

Thank You

Output of the query plan:

{"id":9,"parent":0,"notused":0,"detail":"SEARCH TABLE fl USING INDEX ixFl1 (userUUID=?)"}

{"id":16,"parent":0,"notused":0,"detail":"SEARCH TABLE ai USING INDEX ix1Ai (uuid=?)"}

{"id":24,"parent":0,"notused":0,"detail":"SEARCH TABLE wa AS waDep USING INDEX ix1wa (uuid=?)"}

{"id":32,"parent":0,"notused":0,"detail":"SEARCH TABLE wa AS waArr USING INDEX ix1wa (uuid=?)"}

Estimate rows in ai is 100
Estimate rows in wa is 40000

I have downloaded the DB to my local machine and the same query runs in around 0.5 seconds so definitely seems app related

I am wondering if anyone can think of anything I could have missed