My Problem: Change state in order to access a dom-element in another html-page (here: modal-view)

Hi dear ionic-Users,

I am struggeling with the following problem.

After an onclick-Event a Modal-View slide over my current View (auftragsmanagement.html -> click_auftrag.html)

With the given Parameter, I would like to manipulate the DOM with the id “Auftrag_Label” on “click_auftrag.html”, but I cannot switch the document.URL, as you can see in Log (see screenshots above).
Still the Output of document.URL is “/app/auftragsmanagement”… :frowning: and not “click_auftrag.html”

My Idea was “just” to switch the $state from “auftragsmanagement” to “auftragsmanagement.click_auftrag” but it doesnt work, otherwise the document.URL would change…

Can anybody help me please?

Here are two Screenshots to describe my Problem in a better way xD…


Oh… so short explanation:

I want to click on the Table behind the modal-view and then the label ‘Hallo World’ should be replaced with a value from the Table… (in my case Auftrag-ID and Bermerkungstext) (english: Order-ID and Noticetext :wink: )