My own Rest URL data not able to access from Iphone or Ipad


I am able to access Rest URL data from browser and android device by adding proxies in ionic.project and gulpfile.js file but not able to get data from Iphone.

Please suggest me on this.



Maybe you’re trying to access your server in http while iOS 9 app transport security requires it to be https by default.


Already i enabled app transport security but still not able to access the data from Rest URL.



You don’t see any error in Safari console when remote debugging?


I am able get data from safari browser but not getting data from device and script wise it is going to error block and getting {‘data’:null}.



I was not talking about running in browser, I was talking about remote debugging from Safari to your device connected via USB.


Hello, I’m having the same issue. I’m debugging on a physical device (iOS 10), connected so safari and the request does not paste it produces an error with data:null and status:0