My button is moving its own

here is the sample of my button in my app.

when i first run the app it looks like this:

and then when i enter in one of the button and then back to the main page my button back to normal like this:

what is the problem with these?
tnx in advance guys…

You didn’t really mention what is wrong here. Are you referring to the additional space between the big white rectangle and the buttons that is present on the second screenshot?

i mean my button is moving when i try to start my app my button is not in the right postition but when i try to go in one of the button my buttons back in original position.

Did you inspect your document using the browser’s inspect functionality? Normally you should be possible which CSS/code is responsible for the position of your elements. Then compare your 2 states and see why this happens.

u mean like this sir?

Almost. You can actually right click on any element of a page and choose “Inspect” for seeing more about the code and CSS that created this element. Learn more here:

i dont have any problem with my code problem sir is this.
this is not the position that i code:

this is my code looks like.

so what is the problem sir?the ionic app?

Which element are you inspecting here? body?

Look at what sits between the white rectangle and the green buttons. Something “uses” that space or “creates” it by havving an additional padding or margin, maybe because of an additional CSS class. This is what you can find out by inspecting.

i will try to recheck my code sir.but tnx for helping me sir. :slight_smile: