My app is too slow on my Android Phone, and storage wrong in mobile browser

Hi, I am new to web app and is tryying to develop an app. It runs pretty good in desktop Chrome. When I packaged it and installed. It runs too slowly. My phone is Meizu MX2, Android 4.2, with 2GB Memory.

I also find that the app runs slowly too in the phone’s browser( by connecting to PC’s IP) , and in mobile Chrome ,it is good like on desktop. Cordova uses android’s WebView widget, can i consider the bad performance is the browser’s wrong? How can I improve it?
/* this problem I have ruled it out, it’s a program error thx
I also have another question. I save an list in web storage(use jsonify, and Value like :[“m200”,“m199”,“m198”] ), and read it use parse, but in mobile browser, it shows nothing. But other localStorage key’s value read successfully. I want to know what caused it.
Thanks~ : )

@mhartington : Is there a logging system on client ( like )?

Busy morning, sorry for not getting back to you right away. In the browser, open the dev tools, whats your time line like? Could it be some code on your end is causing the slow down?

em… the ’app‘ contains only a list and I don’t think it lead to the bad performance… scoll the list is also a very slow operation, I consider it a cordova config problem or my phone’s core problem.

If the performance is good in mobile chrome then use Crosswalk instead of stock cordova. It renders using chromes engine. There are several threads in the forum dealing with Crosswalk.


Thx, I’ll try it at once~