Must I add ANDROID _HOME when starting every new Project?

I recently started a new project with which I successfully carried out the test To-Do project and added the android platform until I signed the App.
Now I am starting my own project and I still get the “ANDROID_HOME not set error”. Someone Help.

I would also want to know how to do these things in my ionic project:

  • Set a package name.
  • Set the android application icon.

I hope someone helps soon enough.


What operating system are you using?

I am on Windows 7. I have figured out how to replace the default cordova icons with my own. and allso change app id in root config.xml. Now I cant get the webview integration part. I am trying to modify the “Tabs” template…
The instructions here

  1. Navigate to the Android package’s /framework directory and run
    ant jar. It creates the Cordova .jar file, formed as
    /framework/cordova-3.4.0.jar.Copy the .jar file into the Android project’s /libs directory.
  2. Add the following to the application’s /res/xml/main.xml file,
    with the layout_height, layout_width and id modified to suit
    the application:

please help me understand the above.