Multiple views in the same window


Currently i am wrestling with the concept of multiple named views, as proposed by ui-router:, in Ionic.
Currently I have several views visible, but the .paneclass makes it impossible to view them both, because it is puts an absolute position on both views.

Is there a way to make several views ‘play nice together’ or do I have to hack the .pane class to be position:relative instead?


I would also be helped if I could define a header image, a full width image that will stay fixed while the rest of the content slides. Kind of like the navbar, but without the height restriction.

I know headers and the navbar have a set height and i could make my images fit in that. But that’s not what I want :wink: I really hope there is either an easy way to do this or a fix that allows me/us to do this.


Does anyone have an idea how to do it and/or if it is even a wanted feature?
ping @adam @andy @max


This is a good question…

I would either:

  1. Put another class on your views to override the pane
  2. wrap your views in containers that are positioned as you want
  3. Wait a few weeks and see what we’re cooking up


Thanks for getting back to me.

I have a hack-y solution right now which offsets the main ion-view.
But ofcourse I would love to see a more standard solution.

You guys are doing an awesome job by the way!


I´m new with Ionic but I have had the same problem and i have found:

I haven´t tested it yet but I think this could help.


can you please send some code for your solution?
i am spending too much hours dealing with this problem.
Thanks in advance