Multiple views in one tabs controller

Hi guys! I’m building an application regarding on vehicle renting.

Currently I’m facing a problem to get multiple views in one tab controller.

For example,

In the welcome screen I have two buttons.

    1. Self Drive
    2. Chauffeur Driven

There are 3 tabs called,

    1. Cars
    2. Vans
    3. Trucks

So, when I click Self Drive button in the welcome screen, in the cars tab I want to display Self Drive Cars. It is already done :slight_smile:

Now I want, when I click Chauffeur Driven button in the welcome screen, in the same cars tab I want to display Chauffeur Driven cars too.

Is this possible? To have 2 views in one tab controller?

Waiting for a favourable reply. Thank you :slight_smile:

Yes You can do that…when you displaying all self drive cars…it display in a single list after when you click on chauffeur Driven that time loop of chauffeur Driven Cars will be called and that will be display in car tab using another list…You can try this

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@shivani8710 Thank you very much for your response! :slight_smile: Yes I will try that and let you know! Thanks again

always welcome :relaxed:

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