Multiple push notification messages on android

When sending two notifications the second one always overrides the first one in the notification center.
According to the docs this should happen only when using the tag:

“tag”: Indicates whether each notification message results in a new entry on the notification center. If not set, each request creates a new notification. If set, and a notification with the same tag is already being shown, the new notification replaces the existing one.

However this happens to me all the time, regardless whether I set a value for the tag or not.

I even tried setting a random tag & collapse_key (which as far I understand shouldn’t be related in this case, but I gave it a try). Still didn’t help.
Here’s a sample of a notification object I’m sending:

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“notification”: {
“title”: "data updated ",
“message”:“allow sync immediatly”,
“android”: {
“data”: {
“title”: “testing stack notification”,
“message”: “is it working”,
“image”: “www/img/icon.png”,
“vibrationPattern”: [2000, 1000, 500, 500],
“notId”: 111 //should be different every time

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