Multiple In App Browsers functionality

Greetings everyone.

I have recently started developing Mobile apps using Ionic framework.

What I have to build is:

In my home page there are numerous links and on clicking on any of the link, it should open in an inappbrowser.
Till here everything is working for me using the Ionic Native inappbrowser.

Now, further, I want to add a minimize functionality to the inappbrowser so that the user can work on multiple inappbrowsers by maximising and minimising them.

The problem here is I am not sure how to achieve this or even if this is possible?

Any help is appretiated.

Thanks in advance!!

Welcome in the Ionic Community :slight_smile:

One issue I see is for example, my Android smartphone allows for clone / mirrors applications. That is not supported in any way by Ionic, yet.

Happy coding :slight_smile:

ok!! Thanks for a quick reply. I will be looking for a turn around now.

You’re welcome, and to be more precise, I doubt what you want is possible, as the “in os” browser use the same native browser by default. Still, if you have a granular control over who see your app (by cookie or better), you can create providers to set them apart (in app.module.ts and first hand app settings). For example, ionic easily allows for different behaviors between iOS and Android.

In your case, simple detection scripts could be created.