Multiple Brands / White labeling


I have an app that a client wants to “white label” and sell to several different clients of theirs. Each will have the exact same functionality. Included in the build is a config file that selects the color scheme, logo, icons, and enables/disabled the required features. I have all of this in place.

My question is, is there a way to simplify the submission process to apple and google? I don’t have an issue submitting the initial builds manually, but what if I have 50 versions floating out in the app stores and I need to release a bug fix?

Is there a way to submit the app to each app store through the cli or programmatically? or am I stuck submitting 50 app updates to each of the markets?

Multiple brand & platform projects: Recommended strategies

Apparently while trying to find a way to explain my problem, I figured out a better way to ask google. It looks like google has an api for publishing updates or changes to apps (first must be submitting manually).

And for Apple, it looks like the best option is to use fastlane, and its “deliver” feature


Yeah I just keep the branding and labeling in one directory for each brand where I can copy over the directory into the build directory and then rebuild the app for each brand. Each one is just at a particular version of the code base (i.e. brand A is v2.3, brand B is v2.4, etc). If I have a bug fix I make a v2.5 and then bring each app up to v2.5 and release each one (ick manually)