Multiple audio stream

Hi. My app uses the cordova-audio-stream-plugin, wich is based on the cordova-media-plugin, I think.
I could setup 3 shoutcast radio stations. Each one has its own controller, service and html file. All of them are working pretty fine, but I need to stop one of them manually before playing the other radio.
I was wondering if there is a way to setup the controller so that current radio stops automatically when the other radio starts to play.

My controller is like this:

var stream;

function play() {
  if (window.Stream) {
    stream = new window.Stream('http://radio1.ip.address:port/');;

function pause() { = null;
  if (!stream) {

If someone had to deal with this issue or know how to handle with this, will appreciate very much any help.

Hello afujita

I have the same Problem!
I am trying to find a streaming app for about 10 different audiostreams.
Please can you give me your source code, the complete ionic app that i can try to run my 10 different audiostreams.
My problem is that all have different protocols, is this possible with your app?

Here are my Radiostations i need in the app:

OKiTALK 1 – Hier reden die Bürger

OKiTALK 2 – 24h Live Talk

OKiTALK 3 – Der Talk von Mensch zu Mensch

OKiTALK 4 - Studio 4


Radio Utopie


LDS Radio

And more…

Do you think this is possible with your app?

Thank you very much, kindly regards from Austria