Multilevel side-bar menu

I want to create multilevel side bar menu.


  • Bus ticket
  • train ticket
  • Movie ticket


  • Bus ticket
  • train ticket
  • Movie ticket

But i occur one error. If I click Book then Both menu book and print menu will open

I use this code

$scope.toggleGroup = function(group) {
    if ($scope.isGroupShown(group)) {
      $scope.shownGroup = null;
    } else {
      $scope.shownGroup = group;
  $scope.isGroupShown = function(group) {
    return $scope.shownGroup === group;

Can any one suggest me…

My Output is this like

What is your template code?

(Please post code as text next time, just wrap it into a code block by adding three ticks (```) in the line in front and after it. Thanks.)

You are submitting group to all buttons as parameter for ng-click and ng-show. Shouldn’t this be different for each “group” of the navigation?

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