Move ion-item-sliding by Protractor


Hello. I trying to write e2e test for ion-item-sliding but can’t drag it.
None of next variant work for me:

  • mouseDown().mouseMove().mouseUp()
  • dragAndDrop()
  • tapAndHold().move()
    Do you have any recommendations? Maybe i don’t need to use protractor for ionic?


Solved. By crazy. Need to move mouse sloooower :slight_smile: then ionic will catch it.
You can’t just move mouse from some point to another, need to do it step by step:

      .mouseMove({x: -50, y: 0}) // yes, few times by 50 pixels, with single mouseMove ionic can't catch swipe event
      .mouseMove({x: -50, y: 0})
      .mouseMove({x: -50, y: 0})


This worked for me - thanks!