Mouse scroll issue on Mac Catalyst

I’m having a vertical scroll problem with mouse that doesn’t work randomly on the Mac Catalyst version of the app.
Everything works perfectly on iOS with touch, and on Mac I can make the scroll work if I use the trackpad (same issue if I use iPad with a mouse).
On Mac it seems random, sometimes it works sometimes not. Sometimes quitting and relaunching the app is enough to make the scroll work again with the mouse (and without doing anything other than quitting and relaunching the app), sometimes it works again just by manipulating the app.

The scroll bar works fine, however, so I’ll just click and drag with the cursor on the scroll bar.

I have 3 scroll zones, 2 managed by ionic with ion-content and a custom HTML zone managed via CSS.

It’s really strange and I can’t find the cause of the problem. Maybe Webkit, I don’t know… It worked perfectly at the beginning and the problem has appeared since the latest macOS / Ionic updates.

Does anyone have this problem or can help me with it?