Most affordable mac for building

Its been several years since Ive done anything with iOS and xcode. Previously, I nabbed a mac mini for $300 off of craigslist to build my projects, but about a year later Apple released an Xcode upgrade that wasn’t compatible with the older hardware.

Anyone have any advice for a safe bet machine? I’ve got no use for a mac other than building ionic projects.

i had the same problem and than decided to get a used, but relatively new macbook pro on ebay. the thing with apple is, that there products lose so little value compared to other brands. you can see 2011 macbooks being ebayed for prizes of decent 2015 windows laptops. people see the apple and stop caring that cpu and so on are a thing of the past. so if you get a 2013/14 macbook on ebay and and in a year or two might decide to stop app development and sell it again, you shouln’t lose a lot of money.