Morphistic: Ionic 3 based PWA with heavy SVG capabilties

Hey guys,

I finally wrapped up initial work on the project I started quite a few months ago. My goal was to leverage Ionic 3 but start with PWA approach (then potentially expand with hybrid apps as needed). This is now officially “open alpha”: - vector shapes collage app;)

The app uses SVG for all the graphics and I leveraged Angular’s data binding to try to get max performance out of it.

Also I managed to score 100s at the Lighthouse test:

Please let me know what you guys think or if you have questions.

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I just noticed that your ‘prod’ build is logging to the console:

See: A simple logging service for Angular

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Hey thank you for the article, I was thinking about how to deal with that aspect and was not sure whats better - get rid of console logging using webpack or like what you suggest. What are the pros of your approach Rob?