More advanced UI

i am currently implementing an app and trying to figure how to do so in IonicFramework.
Here is my case, i have a page, where there are 2 header buttons.
The page has a normal list view,
one header button is for search, it should show an autocomplete list overlaying the main page, which will filter the list on clicking an item.
the other header button shows a filter view overlaying the main page too. this one is a little more complicated, it’s like an advanced search page, with split view. one part shows the parameters and the other part shows the list of items to select for each parameter.
and i want to do all of that without leaving the same page. is that possible? what is the best way to implement this using ionic framework ?
one reason not to leave the page is, if the user cancels the filter or search, i do not need to recreate the list, which could be huge, and then scroll to the item the user was at.