Module ''*'' has no exported member 'app'

i am working with angular 2 and firebase and ionic, i installed all the npm packages and angularfire2 as well when i do npm serve browser shows the error that

Module ‘’*’’ has no exported member ‘app’.

here is the error -

export declare function _getFirebase(config: FirebaseAppConfig, appName?: string):;
export declare function _getWindowLocation(): Location;

please help!

Try with a blank new project from CLI or download it from Github:

ionic start MyIonic2Project --v2

then according pages as you see fit:

ionic generate page MyPage
ionic generate provider MyCoolProvider

Don’t forget that all pages MUST be declared TWICE in your app.module.ts file, same for providers otherwise you’ll get an error on app launch with ionic serve for example.

Hope that helps,

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