Module '"D:/Imran/ionic/notifications/src/models/user"' has no exported member 'User'

I created user.ts file as in src/models/user.ts which contains code as
user.ts file
export interface user{

name : string;
email : string;
password : string;
dev_id : string;


and while importing file in login.ts as => import {User} from “…/…/models/user”;
i’m getting following error.


Typescript Error
Module ‘“D:/Imran/ionic/notifications/src/models/user”’ has no exported member ‘User’.
import {SignUpPage} from ‘…/sign-up/sign-up’;
import {User} from “…/…/models/user”;

please help.

I solved this isuue.
i was very silly mistake
it must be “User” not “user” in interface user.ts