Modify a (debug) APK created in Ionic

I have a project that a freelancer was working on for us. However she has disappeared and won’t/can’t provide any changes or the source code. The only thing I have is a near complete APK she had given us for testing. I was able to de-combile the APK using apktool.

I would like to know if I can use the resulting assets/www folder to rebuild the ionic project so that I can make changes and build an Android and iPhone app. If so, is there a process to do so?

Is it a Ionic v1 or Ionic Angular (2+) project?
For Ionic v1, /www is pretty much the source code of the project.
For Ionic (Angular), you only have a compiled and minified version of everything that will not be usable for anything much.

We have this exact same issue. I am not a developer in any way so not sure where to start. What did you end up doing?