Modals Landscape and View Portrait

I am trying to create a modal that has a landscape orientation. The entire app is locked in portrait. The requirement is not to use a screen lock for the modal. Can this be done with rotating the content of the modal or creating a modal in landscape orientation? The modal uses a ion-scroll with zooming true and has an image of a receipt that is rectangular. When I try to rotate the content in the modal it turns the content, but does not change the size from what was displayed in portrait. In other words, when I rotate the content from portrait to landscape it does not change the content size. It shows the same as if in portrait when I want it to take up the size of the screen. I want 10% of the background view to show, so I am using ion-nifty-modal.

You can use media queries with css to handle this.

/* Landscape */
@media only screen 
 (orientation: landscape) {
 //Modify your CSS for modal

I couldn’t get that to work in my ionic app. The view is locked in portrait, but I need to create the modal as landscape. @media doesn’t set the orientation. I’m trying to rotate 90 deg, but having trouble getting divs to resize.