Modals, InAppBrowser and WindowsPhone 8.1

Hiya guys,

just for reference in case anyone should need this, there’s a problem trying to open an InAppBrowser from a IonicModal on Windows Phone, where the “close” button of the opened browser is not working, thus making the user unable to go back (if browser is set fullscreen, obviously).

After about 5 hours and a big headache, it turns out that the problem is the pointer-events: auto; property applied to the .modal-open class of the IonicModal.

I’ve solved this adding this directly on the InAppBrowser plugin for the windows platform:

// InAppBrowserProxy.js, line 165 = "auto";

I’m not sure if this is an issue to be addressed to the Ionic team or to the cordova-plugin team (I mean, my solution is clearly on the cordova side, I’m not sure if there can be a solution Ionic-side)… any suggestions?