Modal with toolbars and List with sliding items not working

With last update to beta 32 I have experienced issues in a modal with toolbars and list of sliding items. It was working on previous releases. The list is not rendering properly, is under the two toolbars and the toolbar bottom is not rendering at bottom:

The html code is the following:

  <ion-title>Toolbar title</ion-title>
	<ion-list >
	  <ion-item-sliding *ngFor="let item of favoritos">
	  	<ion-item >
		<ion-item-options side="right">
      		<button danger (click)="elimina(item)">
        		<ion-icon name="trash"></ion-icon>
<ion-toolbar position="bottom">
<button block (click)="close()">
	      Button in toolbar bottom

Any ideas?
Thanks in advance

First off, beta 32 is the version of the ionic CLI, not the framework code.

If you’re using beta10 of ionic-angular, please check the change log, as there was a refactor in layouts