Modal Issues

Hey there friends,

Is anyone else having issues with the modal in the latest release (0.9.26) of Ionic? It works fine for me in the browser, but sometimes opening the modal will just freeze for a few seconds, then open, or the other way around, when I call closeModal it sits there for a while, then it closes. The only unique thing I’m doing outside of the modal tutorial is using the $ionicScrollDelegate.scrollTo to scroll down the view inside of the modal after the modal opens.

$scope.openModal = function() {
    $ionicScrollDelegate.scrollTo(0, 850);

Also sometimes when I click a button to open a modal, the modal will flicker and then popup and then the app freezes.

Let me know if any of you have experience any modal issues in a iPhone emulator. Thanks!

There have been a few issues lately with modals. See this one as well:

Can you try using the nightly to see if you are still having this problem? Also, do you have more than one modal throughout your app? If so, see if removing those modals helps to solve this problem. See : Modals Persist Between States