Modal border-radius causes Chrome Inspector to black out

Hi all.

I am using Ionic v1.7.x - but I don’t think this is a Ionic version issue. I use Chrome Inspector to do a lot of debugging and troubleshooting as I develop my app. All has been working just fine until I decided to clean up my UI a bit. One of the things I like about Inspector is I can use my computer keyboard and mouse to interact with the app…makes it a lot faster than picking up the actual phone and typing things in. But when I apply a border-radius to a modal or to a popover, the Inspector in-browser images of my app goes completely black. The rest of Inspector is still working - console, code, css, etc…all display off to the side of where the app is supposed to be imaged at.

I use modals and popovers in a variety of places - it does not matter where or how I define the border-radius - as long as it is applied, the Inspector imaging blanks out. If I close that modal or popover (from the app, because I can no longer see it from Inspector), the app images return within Inspector.

This seems to me to be a Chrome Inspector issue…as if it doesn’t like “border-radius”…however, I do have “border-radius” applied to buttons, divs and other CSS features and it all works fine. Its only when applied to modals and popovers…which makes me think its somehow an Ionic issue. I can’t tell.

Has anyone seen this before or know how to fix it? It is very annoying…I have to disable “border-radius” on all my modals and popovers to test within Inspector.