MobileIron SSO issue

Our client uses MobileIron to secure their mobile apps and.

I’m facing in issue regarding the SSO, I don’t know how to get the username from the app using Ionic

Has anyone faced to the same issue ? Or at least with another secured container to get the username ?

I couldn’t find any useful information from their documentation

Thanks a lot for your help

See here: (Phonegap is the old name for Apache Cordova, which Ionic uses in the background to build native apps)

thank you for your reply, but unfortunately it doesn’t help me, I was wondering if they were some commands, it should be simple but couldn’t figure out, I’m still new on this framework


i think this will help you:

With that you can read the app config for ios and android, if you had uploaded before to mobile iron container.
You need to provide a plist or restrictions file .

I hope this will help you.

Im facing a another Problem with Mobile iron. If i upload my IOS app it wont start up the app. Do you have any idea how can i solve this issue? The ios app is freezing on the Splashscreen.

I did the trick with “localhost to” in the Webview but this is not working anymore…

thank you for your input, I managed to do get the configuration in a different way.

I’m sorry I haven’t worked yet on the IOS version, I’m still stuck with Android… :frowning: