Mobile App with Ionic and Gimbal beacon?

Hi All.

I want to create mobile app that can integrated with Gimbal beacon. It allow us to order meal/drink while we walk through the store.

I use ionic as a front end. The next step is i want to integrate the app with the beacon (gimbal). Should i use another framework/technology?
Is ionic have it’s own plugin to work with gimbal?
Is there anyone have experience before created app like that with ionic?

Advice and explanation would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Check out this plugin

Hi @saurabhgupta050. Thanks for comment.

What if i also want to create the app work on android device too?
Is there another technology?

I’ve look at the plugin but it still support only on iOS, right?

Hmm… I think they have developed this plugin for iOS right now and may be Android version in roadmap. Meanwhile you can try Gimbal’s (REST API)[] with your Ionic’s app.

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Hi @saurabhgupta050 thanks for the answer.
I’ve look at the link (Gimbal’s REST API) but still confuse how to implement it in my ionic app.
Any clue?

I’ve doing research about this REST API but still dont get any idea how to use/integrate it with ionic. Do you have ever use this technology before?


I wonder if you had success with Ionic and Gimbal? If so, what did you use?