I’ve a problem with my ionic project.
After executing “ionic cordova build --release” I have:


Without --release all works without problem and the build has success.

Someone could help me with this problem? Thanks.

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I’ve found a solution with the android version downgrade.
It seems that it works.

what exactly did you downgrade?

I’ve removed android 8 platform. Then I’ve just installed SDK platform(API 25) for Android 7.1.1 and added the new platform with: ionic cordova platform add android@7.1.1

I’ve also tried with android 7.0.0 and it works without problems.

well ok, it’s not a real solution but more a workaround. Since I would like to use cordova-android 8

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There may be scenarios where you have a resource, such as a -fr drawable, which is only referenced from some other resource with the same qualifiers (such as a -fr style), which itself has safe fallbacks myprepaidcenter.

I try … but app crash and no install on my phone …