Missing tutorials for ionic 4 and react.js

Hi I am new to ionic,

but the first I missed, are good tutorials for ionic 4 and react.js. I found a lot of tuts with angular but not working with react.js. Knows somebody a good source for tutorials with ionic 4 and react.js?
What i am missing as a beginner working with react.js:

  • connect to a ionlist, for example working with the refresher component after receiving new data update the ionList items (need i function per default to generate list items).
  • clear an ionlist and add new items after refresh and so on

The components list on ionicframework is nice for beginners but i would like to work with connecting lists with events, fetching list item and change it …

Thanks in advance for your help.

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I have some stuff cobbled together on my github repo from a course I taught - https://github.com/aaronksaunders/react-my-app-rest

please check all of the branches

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Thanks a lot. I bookmarked your git repo. :slight_smile:
Yeahhh learning by doing. My first project to work with ionic is a job offers list with details page and online application form! First attempt is working with tabs default app.