Missing second line on Localnotification plugin

Hi all,

I’ve started to code a notification test here is the code :

const notifs = LocalNotifications.schedule({
      notifications: [
          id: Math.random(),
          title: "Title of the notification",
          body: `${productName} is almost done, please check your account !`,
          schedule: { at: new Date(Date.now() + 1000 * 5) },
    console.log('NOTIFICATION', notifs);

The problem is on android I cannot have a second line of text on my notification anyone else got the same problem?

Instead of “body” use “text” and use “trigger” on the line where you put “schedule” and set this. productName + your message

Thanks for your answer, you’re talking about the local-notification from @ionic-native/local-notifications, but I’m using Ionic react and the Local Notification from @capacitor-core. There isn’t any text or trigger within this package.

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