MIssing files on serve

When I try to use ionic serve I get a white screen with the error of the following missing fles:
es6-shim.min.js, angular2-polyfills.js, app.bundle.js
And the command generate this:

Running ‘serve:before’ gulp task before serve
[11:03:35] Starting ‘clean’…
[11:03:35] Finished ‘clean’ after 54 ms
[11:03:35] Starting ‘watch’…
[11:03:35] Starting ‘sass’…
[11:03:35] Starting ‘html’…
[11:03:35] Starting ‘fonts’…
[11:03:35] Starting ‘scripts’…
[11:03:35] Finished ‘scripts’ after 21 ms
Error: File to import not found or unreadable: globals.core
Parent style sheet: C:/mobilecare-ionic2/PreverMessagesV2/app/theme/app.variables.scss
on line 7 of app/theme/app.variables.scss
.>> @import ‘globals.core’;

[11:03:36] Finished ‘sass’ after 86 ms
[11:03:36] Finished ‘html’ after 128 ms
[11:03:36] Finished ‘fonts’ after 265 ms

With a huge amount of TypeScrit errors one several files in node_modules folder.

Does anyone knows what it could be?