Missing buttons on select dropdown element in InAppBrowser

Opening a page with the cordova-plugin-inappbrowser and opening a dropdown/select list, I get the list, but without any confirm or cancel buttons displayed. I do get these outside of the inAppBrowser, in my normal app.

Now I can’t close the select / dropdown element, unless I “click” something on the page containing this element.

Is there any way to add buttons to the select / dropdown element in the inAppBrowser? I want the user to be able to close this select element from the select element.

Using: “cordova-ios”: “~4.5.4”
“cordova-plugin-ionic”: “^4.1.3”
@ionic-native/core”: “^4.6.0”
“cordova-plugin-inappbrowser”: “^2.0.2”

Here is a screenshot of what I get now, I want buttons at the top of the grey block:

After reading the documentation again, I started trying random options. The solution is to use “formsheet” as presentationstyle, in the options:

        presentationstyle: "formsheet", // iOS only option

See screenshot, for the effect: