Missing attribute on LocalNotification Plugin

The foreground:true|false attribute is missing on Ionic Native/0.8.5 plugin version

My Environment

Plugin version: 0.8.5
Platform: Ionic v3.9.2
OS version: Android/IOS
Device manufacturer / model:
Cordova version: 7.0.1
Cordova platform version (cordova platform ls):android 6.3.0 ios 4.5.4
Plugin config
Ionic Version (if using Ionic) Ionic v3.9.2

Expected Behavior

The attribute foreground should be available for schedule local notifications

Actual Behavior

When try to schedule a local notifications it logs:

[12:45:59] console.warn: Unknown property: foreground


Send a foreground notification on IOS

This is a link to their github repo where it can see the foreground attribute.

Any idea for this diference?

Probably it just isn’t implemented for Ionic Native yet.

See at https://github.com/ionic-team/ionic-native/issues if there already exists an issue for this, if not create one.