Minimum Andorid Os required for ionic 2


I am trying to deploy the app on android 4.xx version and above but i get error saying cannot connect to server/ index.html. It works fine on android version 5.0 and above. Does ionic 2 support android version less den 5.0. Please help. Thank you

Out of the box it supports Android 4.4+.
If you install Crosswalk, you can also get it working from 4.1+.

The error you mentioned above usualy happens with very slow devices. There is a config setting somewhere to increase the timeout.

Thank you for your reply. I already but 700000 timeout value but still the same error

I had this error on a large app and it was due to slow loading.
Made all non-initial pages lazy-loaded with preloading and that really made a huge difference.


can u tell how you did it… would be helpful…