Migration to v4: Understanding questions


I need to migrate an older Ionic v2 project to v4 and, following the official migration guide, stumbled on several things I do not understand.
(note: I am working in a windows environment.

The overall project structure changed, the guides second step is to move src/providers to src/app/services and other root-level stuff as well; it seems that all new generated items except pages are now directly generated into the app folder, not in specific services/pipes/etc folders with subfolders for the specific item.
Is there a reason why the old structure is gone and if so the migration guide recommends keeping the old?
Personally I prefer the old, tidy, one - is there a way to configure the CLI to use the old behaviour?

When integrating android to a complete fresh project, passages are added to the config.xml for usage of networkSecurityConfig, the ressource file is added but the project can not be build. Deleting the passges from the config enbles a successful build.
Is this behaviour due to environment configuration, a known bug or am I missing a configuration step?

kind regards

I would argue that grouping things by what they do instead of how they do it is substantially more “tidy”, but two things:

  • Angular is extremely flexible when it comes to project layout. You can pretty much put things wherever you like
  • You can tell the generators to put things in subfolders by including said subfolders in the name of the thing to generate - see docs here.