Migrating to Ionic from Ionic v1. Best approach for storing lots of small images?

Hey all,

Our company has an iPad/Android tablet app developed in Ionic v1 which is used by our clients for keeping track of time that their employees have worked. We have two primary pages in the app, both containing lists of employees which include their name and one or several photos of them.

The photos are fairly small, about 5KB each in size, but we’ll often end up with several hundred photos that we’ll need to show in the list. Currently we’re using an implementation of PouchDB to store the photos as base64 string attachments which are loaded into memory when the app starts which seems to work fairly well, although performance begins to take sizable a hit once we start having to show lists closer to 500+ in size.

I think this is mainly more due to the way Angular renders lists with ng-repeat as I’ve also tried Ionic’s collection-repeat directive in its place which significantly improved performance but unfortunately it seems to be incredibly buggy with rendering images. The first few images seem to get re-rendered at random in various other parts further down the list.

I’m considering pushing the idea of migrating our app to Angular 4 / Ionic v2 due to performance improvements among other things. Currently we develop all our products with the original AngularJS. Seeing as I’m still looking into the differences between Ionic 1 and 2, I’d be interested to hear if you guys have any recommendations on better ways to implement fast, persistent storage for images and text in Ionic 2?


I would investigate VirtualScroll,