Migrate Ionic Creator project to CLI


I created an Ionic Creator project and then realized that I need to pay to get anything significant done there so I decided to start using the CLI tools. Is there any way to migrate an existing Ionic Creator app to the CLI project? Looks like a lot of paradigms used between these 2 are very different.


You can download the project as a ZIP file. Then you can see all the files and change. Remember, the Creator works with Ionic 1.
You have to copy all files into a folder www. I have successfully passed a test with Ionic cli 1.7.12

ionic io
ionic upload
Then you have a id for the ionic view app


Sorry for the late response to this. I have done all that but when I download the zip, unzip the file and try to run it on my local without deploying it in a container, I only see the side menus but don’t see the pages. Am I missing something? Should I be deploying on a container?