Methods for getting JS logs from a remote iPhone?

Hi all, I’m really in a bit of a pickle here.

I’m getting this report from my client for an Ionic app:

I am having trouble with opening the app on my iPhone 11 - I have already reinstalled the app a few times, it opens after reinstalling, but it always ends up not working. Basically, the homepage image appears very briefly, but then it goes white and nothing is happening.

I have tried reproducing this issue with my own iPhone. No dice. I have tried opening a simulated iPhone 11 on XCode and running the app on that. That didn’t work either.

Note that there is no mention of a crash. I believe if the app actually crashed I might be able to extract some crash data to serve as a starting point.

The best-case scenario is that Javascript is encountering some kind of device-specific error, and I just need to get access to the console logs to understand the problem. The problem is that my client is about 1000km away from me. I don’t really want to hop on a plane to connect her iPhone to an XCode debugger and I don’t really want to walk her through the steps to do it herself.

What can I do to get some visibility into this problem?