Method definition not found in CAPPlugin.m

I am new to Ionic/Capacitor. When I build my app in Xcode, I got a warning of "Method definition for ‘shouldOverrideLoad:’ not found in CAPPlugin.m. I traced the file back to nodes_modules/@capacitor/ioc/Capacitor/Capacitor/CAPPlugin.h and saw the

  • (NSNumber *)shouldOverrideLoad:(WKNavigationAction *)navigationAction;

When I looked at the CAPPlugin.m file in the same folder, there was no ‘shouldOverrideLoad’ method defined.

So far, my app is running fine. Is this something I should be concerned about? Will this cause potential problems under some conditions that I have not tested my app in?

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I have come across a similar issue, although the statement is present in my code, but with no method body. It has rendered the app unable to be built.