Meteor-Ionic2 iOS ios strange issue on button clicks



One of my projects is based on this boilerplate : (Ionic2-rc package in it without app-scripts),

When I build it for iOS I encounter click problems, i need “sometimes” (its doesn’t seem to be conditionned by a type of ionic 2 component) to click several times on a button to have the click detected. sometimes long press even activates the copy paste ios features on the button text

I wonder if any one knows the difference between Ionic 2 iOS compilator and Meteor iOS compilator because I have another iOS 10 app on Ionic 2 latest rc without Meteor which doesn’t have this click problem.



Meteor has a package called mobile-experience. It’s a bundle of 3 packages :

  • fastclick
  • launch-screen
  • mobile-status-bar

fastclick package was the issue, so we just need to do remove mobile-experience package, and do :

meteor add launch-screen
meteor add mobile-status-bar