Meteor + Ionic : Whatsapp clone dont run on device


i was following this great tutorial:

At step 3 - “Chat view and send messages” I tried to run the app on my android device (HTC M7). After the app started the chats tab remains empty, but it works in the browser.

I changed the meteor-runtime-config.js to meteor_runtime_config.DDP_DEFAULT_CONNECTION_URL = ‘http://MYIPADDRESS:3000’; <- not localhost:3000, but the collection is still empty on my device.

Do someone know how to connect the clone from my device to the local server?


What about device console log (via Remote Chrome Debug)?

Thx for the feedback.

I’m not familiar with the remote chrome debugging. But I was able to start logcat. Now I have some difficulties to find the right filter.

I get my information about debugging from this URL:

I will keep you up to date

My advice go with remote chrome debugging. It’s easy to set up and you’ll only see what you need to see.


thx a lot! Yes its very easy. :wink:

I followed this tutorial:

It looks like the app is trying to connect to the localhost.


but i changed the IP in the meteor-runtime-config.js from localhost:3000 to ‘’;

So I think today I will debug my app :wink:


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so the app gets an 404 from the Server but at the same time the browser version is fine.


This approach was working fine for me, but then after a period of not using it it stubbornly stopped working. (Probably due to some updates.) After much head banging I was able to make it go be using the Port Forwarding as described in the article above. (

This approach also has the advantage of using localhost for both running in the browser and running on the phone avoiding constantly tweaking the server URL.