Messed file structured in google chrome and navigation problem

I created a new folder and shifted my files into it. In google chrome the new folder is shown as ‘search/search-page’ whereas the the real path is different.

The third image shows the real path structure in the app folder and it is correctly reproduced in the build folder (second image).

‘Ionic serve’ works but I can no longer navigate to search-page.


This no longer works and gives me a promise error

EXCEPTION: Error: Uncaught (in promise): Failed to load build/pages/search-page/search-page.html

Why it is trying to load the page from build/pages/ and not the real path build/pages/search/ ?
I have correctly imported the page for navigation and don’t have any typescript errors.

import { SearchPage } from "../search/search-page/search-page"

So what’s happening?

Error was in templateUrl.

   templateUrl: 'build/pages/search/search-page/search-page.html',