Merges Folder? Platform specific code

Hey guys,
im facing an issue where i want to create platform specific code. Im using Ionic2 in an Apache Cordova Project. It seems like the merges folder is ignored by the gulp files. Is there any way of achieving platform specific code without having unneccarry files in my build?

in this case, it’s probably best to the use the ionic utils to target platform specific code than the merges folder.

With the ionic utils i suppose you mean ? Writing code for an android app which also contains javascript for iOS in the final .apk doesn’t give me a good feeling.

Will the “merges folder” be supported in Ionic2? It has been supported in Ionic 1 and as its a cordova feature im wondering why Ionic2 doesn’t support it yet?

It’s not going to be supported in v2
V2’s build system is much more complex than compared to V1 apps, so it won’t be possible to consider that as well.