Menu not changing slide direction

Using "ionic-framework": "2.0.0-alpha.53".

We are using ion-menu as our Navigation Drawer. We have to support right to left and left to right languages. With our current implementation the ion-menu will change sides when the language is changed but the swipe direction remains left to right.

Is there a way to change the swipe direction of the ion-menu so when it is a right to left language the menu has to be swiped out right to left?

Here is our current implementation. When resume is fired, we query our language to see if it is RTL. If it is RTL we change the double binded variable navSide to the correct direction. The ion-menu will change sides, but the swipe to open the menu will not change directions.

<ion-menu side="{{navSide}}">

export class TheApp {

    private navSide: string;

    constructor() {
        this.navSide = "left";

        Observable.fromEvent(document, "resume").subscribe(
            () => {
                this.navSide = language.usesRtl() ? "right" : "left";

Have you found any solution? I am also facing this issue