Menu bar not appearing some times


We have menubar, where sometimes it does not load on the top left. We would need to either restart the app or re-load the page, after which it works again. This is my code.

  <ion-toolbar class="toolbar">
    <ion-buttons slot="start">
      <ion-menu-button class="menulogo">
        <ion-img src="assets/citymenu.png"></ion-img>

Hi, maybe there appears some error in your app during runtime. Maybe a plugin or a large function that is implemented incorrectly. If an error occurs somewhere in the app, this can cause components of the app to stop working properly.

To debug the issue, would a web browser with console logs be sufficient?

This issue arises when I am routing from the login page to the next page. I can remember how, but on the login page, I have a disabled the menu bar. And after the login process the menu bar reappears. But if I skip the login page( as I am already logged in)then the menu bar icon appears.

As long as you dont use native components or plugins you can replicate the behaviour in your browser. Usually it can not show if indeed a component errors on load, maybe you have it implemented as a navigational thing (and it will not show unless you navigated). I do not see any ifstatements around this menu, are there any conditionals for the menu anywhere else? (and are you making sure that menu is enabled when u end up on thr page?)


I will need to investigate.
I cant remember, what I did , but did something to disable menu bar on the login page.