Max length of message on toast controller

Does the toast controller have a max length for the message?

When I try it with more than a few words the toast is not displayed.

may be its true. i think we always show small message in toast control right ?
if you want to show more word then you can create you own customized toast controller

I was just wondering what the max length is - rather than using a try and see if it works approach.

Maybe you could send a couple of toasts… Detect when the first it’s closing and then fires the second toast

Yes that is what I am doing…

But now I am not sure - sometimes the toast works then the same toast does not.

I think I must be wrong on the max length thing - the demo has an example of a long toast.

Just got to figure out why the toast sometimes does not work!

The text it’s a parameter who the toast receives?

I have been so rude to put a huge pile of text in the toastcontroller (JSON.stringify of a complex object). The ToastController did manage to digest, and it fully filled the screen, making the user experience awfull.

Then again, I was the only intended user, so it didn’t matter.