Material Theme Statusbar

Hi Ionites,

 I was wondering how can I achieve like this feat in ionic 2



  1. Statusbar overlays the content.
  2. Statusbar is transparent
  3. The headerbar/toolbar has been adjusted with a space for the statusbar.

Thanks in advance.

Isn’t this picture literally a part of the demo in the docs @

yeah but what I mean is how we can achieve the statusbar to overlay the view and adjust the toolbar height…it isn’t clear how the demo achieve this kind of feat…

What code do you have and what does it look like now in your implementation?

still doesn’t to make this feat. Did you manage to do this?

You could try styleBlackTranslucent() in the status bar plugin

Otherwise you’re probably out of luck, the status bar is controlled by the os, your app can only do minor changes to it.

can I adjust the view to make the the toolbar to be adjusted in height? like the image above?