Material design for ionic


read something from other place about the integration of material design in ionic 2. is it in the beta?


I am not sure about material design integration in Ionic but really good idea to have it integrated.
Mean while you can try this


hi kleninb,

currently supports ionic 1.x. it seems like they have no plan for supporting ionic 2 yet.


Hey there!

So Ionic 2 has material design baked right into the framework.

You can change the platforms and see the ios/md/windows design changes


thx mhartington, looks like they are there. good stuff!


Great but what he meant to say was about the inputs style like what the actual material design provides.


You are right!
but how to build grid like

<md-grid-list cols="2" rowHeight="3:1">

Please help me.


Do you have any idea if MD bottom-sheets can be recreated with the ionic build in material design? I can’t find any resources referring to bottom sheets, apart from ActionSheets , which as i understand can’t be used in a similar way like md-bottom-sheets from angular-material (i.e. showing a grid of icons)