Material Design features don't work when using Ionic View

Just started making my app, got it sorted looking fine when running locally, all the Material Design features such as md-checkbox doesn’t work when I load the app through Ionic View.

Anyone have an idea why this happens?

Do you mind sharing the view app id? I can test it out on my device

Yeah sure: (a5abe463)

Got some support from the guys over at

There’s a fix, which is adding data-tap-disabled=“true” to everything.

I think they’re making a permanent fix when Material Design 0.9.0 comes out.

Just to show you, in my app currently it’ll have 2 check boxes, one that works, one doesn’t.

demo fail, I can’t get the “swipe down three figners” alert to go away, :disappointed:
Hmm, alright I get my why its happening, something that they need to fix on their end.

I managed to get the “swipe down three fingers” alert to go by going to Settings > Show “Swipe To Close” then turned that off

Not sure why it’s not going away :confused: